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888 Casino Poker

The 888 poker Casino company has both casino games that are aimed at poker, and a separate industry called 888 Poker. If you are attracted to more modest games, as well as you prefer to still be on the casino platform, you can choose casino poker games in order not to switch to a separate platform, even though it is still your favorite casino brand 888.

If you delve a little more into what poker is and what kinds of games there are, you can easily say that poker is like a kind of gambling, or to be more precise, card games. The goal of the poker game is that you have to collect a winning combination of cards, or another option that will give you victory is if you force all your rivals who take part in the game to leave it and all the winnings will go to you.

The game will be played with completely closed or partially closed cards, but more specific rules may vary from the type of poker game itself. All that remains stable is the combinations of cards, as well as the presence of trade, which you will encounter during the game. 

Poker is a game in which you do not know the cards of your opponents, this makes the poker game incomplete in terms of the availability of information. For example, if in checkers you immediately see what is on your field and what the opponent has, then here you will not know which cards the player had until he opens the cards during the game. 

You can find decks of 32, 36 or 54 cards in poker, but most often there is a deck of 52 game sheets with equivalent suits. You can meet from 2 to 10 players at one poker table. 

After each player has received his cards in his hands, he can place a bet or exit the game, depending on the wishes of the player and the cards he has. 

The winner of the poker game will be the player whose combination of cards turns out to be better than other opponents, or if he can displace the other players and remains alone. 

At the moment, there are poker games of various types in online casinos, which are delivered under the guise of video poker. However, there are no trades during the game. And it is precisely because of this factor that experts do not recognize video poker as a worthy option for playing poker.

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Video Poker 888 Casino

If we talk about those video poker games that are presented on the 888 casino website. Then the choice will not be particularly great, but the games are really well-made, and you will be pleasantly surprised by spending time in them. 

To find video poker games, you need to go to the “Casino Games” tab in the site menu and there you will find a section with the “Poker” category. This category contains 11 games. And in fact, I would like the casino to expand its available poker games, because 11 games is quite small for such a casino level as 888 Casino poker, because it occupies a leading position in many factors. 

Among the presented games, you can find such games:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Carribean Poker
  • Casino Holdem
  • Deuces Wild
  • Aces and Faces
  • Multi hand Aces and Faces
  • Bonus Poker
  • Multi hand Bonus Poker
  • Multi hand Jacks or Better
  • Joker’s Wild
  • American Stars

Under each game on the site it is also indicated in which game what are the minimum bets and of course the maximum. You can choose the game at your discretion and spend time wherever you like.

Video poker is quite popular and beloved by many players, so I think in the future, 888 casinos will gradually expand their available poker games.

Live Dealer Poker 888 Casino

In addition to video poker, in which you can participate independently, there are also various live poker games on the 888 Casino poker website. These are broadcasts conducted by professional croupiers, they know their business and give you the best atmosphere of the game, as if you are in a casino gaming hall. 

Among the games presented, there are 6 broadcasts in which you can take part. There are also rooms that have increased rates and are designed for VIP players of various statuses. 

Among the games that you can find are:

  • 888 Poker
  • Side Bet City
  • Texas Hold’em 888 poker Casino bonus Poker
  • Casino Hold’em Italia
  • 2 Hand Casino Hold’em
  • Teen Patti

Before you start playing, you need to familiarize yourself in detail with the type of poker game that you choose. This is important, and you should not miss the rules of the game, because poker games have differences, and you can thus risk losing your money if you play without knowing the rules or breaking them. You are fully responsible for your bets and for how to act in a particular situation during the game.

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